Bhaktha Prahalnadha has explained about the nine ways of Bhakthis

“Sravanam Keerthanam Vishnoho:
Smaranam Padasevanam,
Archanam Vandanam Dasyam,
Sakhyam Aatma Nivedanam”

1. “Sravanam” – hearing of the Lords Kathas and His Leelas.

2. “Keerthanam” –  telling chatting His names, doing Naamasamkeerthanam .

3. “Smaranam”  –  visiting the temples to worship the Archamoorthies.

4.” Paadasevanam” – doing  Kainkaryam to the Lotus feet of the Lord.

5. “Archanam” – doing pooja with flowers to Him.

6.” Vandhanam” –  is saying “Namaskaram” folding our hands in front of Him.

7.” Dasyam” –  means keep him your “Swami” and you become his “servant”.

8. “Saktyam” –  being friendly with Him.

9. “AatmaNivedanam” –  means Samarpanam it is a complete surrender to the Lord.