SriVaishnava Lakshanangal

Once Panchsamskaaram is done for us then we become His bhakthAs and for us Sriman Narayana is Supreme God, the Para Bhamham.

As per our saasthrAs,  traditions we should  continue to do our Nitya karma anushtaanams  (sandhyaa  vandhanam etc.,).  There is no statement  in our  saastras  that say that we need not perform our  anushtaanams after  surrendering to the Lord  completely.  Even though we do the complete surrender to God the nitya  karmAs are His command to us.

Even if anyone scold us or shows  disrespect to us, never get angry or feel bad, think that it’s Bhagavadh  sankalpam. Don’t forget to speak truth always also speak softly and sweetly without hurting others.

As per saastrAs marrying,  having  children, earning  for livelihood,  etc.. are permitted,  But we should not crave for worldly pleasures and material pursuits.

Do not feel so sad for anything bad happened or don’t be so happy for any good thing happened. We must try to take both (ups and downs) in the same way.

We should help the poor/needy people as much as possible for us. Be kind not only to the people even to the animals and plants.

Regarding food, we can take only vegetarian items that too should avoid onions, garlic since they increase our “rajo & thamo gunams”.

We should try to fast on EkAdasi days if not completely, at least eat fruits, milk and avoid rice.

We  should  do  PaarAyaNam of VedAs, Divya  Prapandham, Ithikasam, BhAgawatham, Vishnu sahasranaamam, Slokams, etc., We should always recite the dwaya manthram which a “kaapu” for us.

We should eat only Bhagavth prasadham. Means we should  offer  whatever  that we eat or drink to the Lord before we take in.

We must perform al teast as much as possible kaimkaryam to bhAgawathAs and AchAryA. Even in temples by lighting lamps, offering “upakarams” like fruits, flowers etc.,

Last but not the least. We must do “upacharam” (take care of them) to Bagavatha’s  but never ever do “apacharam” (mistakes) to them. Even Lord never forgive us for that.

We should wear Thiruman kappu everyday since it’s a protection for us from this material world as well as it is a Lotus feet of Sriman Narayana and the middle one represents Mahalakshmi.

All these are to be always  followed by each and every staunch bhakthA of Sriman NarayanA.